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This was almost certainly the first website on the Internet dedicated to game fishing in Scotland. It began its life in 1994 as the Scottish Angling Showcase.


It has now been completely revised to provide a valuable information source for everyone interested in trout and salmon flyfishing in Scotland.


Great Variety

Scotland offers more variety for the angler than almost anywhere else in the world.

  • Trout Fishing
  • Salmon Fishing
  • Coarse Fishing
  • Sea Fishing


and, of course, the entire fishing experience is greatly enhanced by the scenic beauty of Scotland and the friendliness of the Scottish people.




Trout Fishing

Flyfishing for trout is almost certainly the most popular branch of angling in Scotland. It takes place on lochs (lakes) and rivers throughout the country and offers a huge element of variety.


Lochs can range from tiny lochans to huge areas of water such as Loch Lomond or Loch Ness; rivers from narrow tumbling highland burns to great river systems such as the Tweed or Tay.


Some waters demand the use of delicately presented dry flies; others will provide success to the fisherman trolling the depths with weighted lures. The traditional method of loch fishing - two or three anglers fishing small wet flies from a drifting boat - is known as "loch-style" fishing and it forms the basis for competitive angling in national and international tournaments.


In addition to fishing with the fly, trout can also be caught by spinning and by bait fishing where local regulations permit such methods.


Salmon Fishing

The Atlantic salmon is often regarded as the "King of Fish" and Scotland hosts most of the greatest salmon rivers in the British Isles. Names like the Tweed, Tay, Spey and Dee are known throughout world as prime locations for the sport.


However, there are dozens of smaller rivers that, in the right conditions, can give great sport to the salmon angler.


Salmon rivers vary greatly in their characteristics and local fishing tackle shops will be a prime source of information about the best ways to fish each.


When thinking of salmon fishing, be aware that in addition to the main salmon runs, many rivers have a run of grilse (salmon that have spent only one winter at sea) and sea-trout (sea-run brown trout) which can give excellent sport.


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