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Improved GRHE Nymph

Hook Standard wet fly hook, e.g. Kamasan B-170, sizes 10 - 14
Tail None
Rib Flat gold tinsel
Body Dubbed mixture of natural and dyed orange and yellow hares ear fur, well picked out to give loose "untidy" effect after ribbing.
Wing None
Hackle None
Head Red varnish
Use After the pheasant tail nymph, the Gold-ribbed Hare's Ear is probably the most successful nymph pattern ever invented. This improved version by Eric Begbie of Scotland uses dyed, as well as natural, hare's ear fur. It is a general purpose nymph for use either just sub-surface or at greater depths for all trout species on rivers and stillwaters. It can be leaded for use on fast-flowing rivers or given a "goldhead" bead on a longer shank hook for specialist applications.

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