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Pink Wickham (Series)

Hook Lightweight wet fly hook, e.g. Kamasan B405, sizes10 - 12
Tail A few fibres of dyed pink hen hackle
Rib Fine gold wire
Body Flat gold tinsel
Wing None
Hackle Red game cock hackle palmered up body. Pink dyed hen collar hackle.
Head Red varnish
Use The 1970s saw the successful use of "Wingless Wickhams" which were basically Wickham's Fancy wet flies dressed sans wings. The Pink Wickham variant was developed by Eric Begbie in the UK and first described in one of his articles in Trout Fisherman magazine in 1979. The basic dressing is given above. Variations in the series now include a "nymphy" version in which the red game cock palmered hackle is omitted; a "sparkly" version in which pink Lureflash Twinkle is added to the tail and a mini-muddler version using either natural of pink-dyed deer hair above the collar hackle. All versions are highly successful on stillwaters when fished on an intermediate line just sub-surface.

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