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Dry Blobby

Hook Kamasan B405 or similar; sizes 12 - 18
Tail None
Rib None
Body Make a dubbing mix of 3 parts black seal's fur, 1 part red antron, 1 part orange antron and 1 part natural hare's ear fibres. Dub up length of hook shank and then pick out liberally to give an untidy "blob".
Wing None
Hackle Very sparse black cock hackle
Head Black Varnish
Use The "Blob" series of dry flies are possibly the simplest trout flies ever devised and, despite their simplicity, are remarkably successful. The Dry Blobby is a development of this theme, enhanced by using not only a mix of colours in the dubbing but also a mix of materials to give differentials in the refractive indices and stiffness. Fish as a standard stillwater dry fly.

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