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Darley Czech Nymph Variant
(thanks to Mark)

Hook Partridge K4A grub/shrimp hook
Tail None
Rib Dull brown copper wire (med.)
Body Lead underbody with pale olive dubbing
Wing Shell back of latex tungsten under flexibody
Hackle Black squirrel fox thorax picked out
Head Fine orange thread 
  • build underbody using single layer of standard or square lead.
  • run tying tread over to form solid banana shaped base for nymph
  • tie in copper wire, a narrow strip of flexibody then a slightly narrower strip of tungsten latex (Roman Moser -Lathkill Tackle)all at the tail of the nymph. -dubb abdomen (about 3/4 of way to eye) with fine pale olive or white polydubbing -now pull the tungsten latex and flexibody over the abdomen and wind over tread to hold in place while you wind over the copper - wire the wire is pulled into the soft tungsten latex / flexibody to give a nice segmented effect opening up the turns as you near body.
  • once wire is in place take back the turns of thread you used to secure shell back then wind copper wire under the latex before dubbing thorax with black squirrel fox - pull the latex / flexbody over the thorax and whip down before trimming excess and forming neat head. For a similar fly see Oliver Edwards Rhyacophila Larva my version sinks much faster though
    which is vital for water of any significant depth or flow.
Use Fished czech nymph style on a short line two nymphs - the top one on a free swiveling dropper formed from a double loop - fish in med/fast broken water searching and moving slowly -flies should catch bottom regularly or you're not fishing deep enough. If extra depth is needed a small tungsten bead can be added to dressing although not normally needed.

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