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Lopatic's Trash
(thanks to Frank Schreffler)

Hook Mustad 94840 - Tiemco 100, 101 Dry Fly, Size 14 - 24
Tail Black or Dark Dun Polyyarn
Rib Optional
Body Black fine dry fly dubbing
Wing Black or Dark Dun Polyyarn
Hackle Black or Dark Dun Polyyarn
Head Black thread 
Method It is important to note that the wing is tied on with a length of polyyarn 1/3 back from the eye ... clipped at the bend with the front portion of the wing dammed up parachute style. In the water the fly represents midge, black caddis or ant.
Use This is a dog-day fly. Used in central Pennsylvania's chalk/freestone creeks when the trout have had it all and the water is clear. late summer and fall is best. Windy conditions with an overcast sky are ideal.

This fly was invented by Steve Lopatic of Harrisburg Pa when he noticed that the wind and squirrels dumped trash out of the low overhanging trees into the feeding lanes of inactive trout, turning on the trout as though there was an important hatch going on.

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