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Loch Leven Spider

Hook Wet Fly 10 - 16
Tail Green fluorescent wool (short tag)
Rib Fine gold wire
Body A range of bodies have been used, the most successful being flat gold tinsel, lime green floss or fluorescent white floss. The version with a gold body was also widely known in Loch Leven angling circles, simply as the "Black and Gold".
Wing None
Hackle Black hen hackle
Head Black varnish or red varnish
Use One of those flies that enjoyed a few years of startling success in Scotland before being adopted elsewhere in Britain. It was quite common for Loch Leven anglers to go out with a four-fly cast (a long leader with a tail fly and three droppers) bearing four different versions of this fly. In the smaller sizes it is an excellent brown trout fly on many stillwater fisheries.

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