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Fly fishing for trout is a favourite country sport of men and women throughout the world. Techniques vary and evolve but the fundamental attraction of the sport remains constant. Contrary to popular belief, there are significant similarities in the trout's diet across continents and there is no reason why artificial flies that are successful in, say, New Zealand should not also catch fish in, say, Alaska or Spain.

This website has been placed on the internet to allow trout anglers across the world to share their favourite fly patterns and, thereby, enhance the international nature of their sport.

By clicking on the Submit button you will be able to provide details of your successful flies. Please give a little information about their origin and the method of fishing them, as well as the dressing "recipe". If you can send a non-copyright photograph or drawing, so much the better, but don't let the absence of an illustration deter you from submitting patterns. If you do have a photo, send it as a small gif or jpeg file by e-mail

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