Train your own Gun Dog or Hunting Dog with our set of 12 step-by-step
Gundog Training Broadsheets

A superb Gundog and Bird Dog Training Course

An excellent gundog training course which fully covers training equipment, canine psychology, commands, basic obedience training, whistle and hand signals, retrieving a dummy, directional control, water work and much, much more. Never before has gundog training been so easy and straightforward.

The Broadsheets are chock-full of secrets which will help you train your own gundog to perfection. Suitable for labradors, retrievers, spaniels, bird dogs and all gun dogs.

The complete set of 12 Broadsheets, graded according to the age and stage of the puppy, is spiral bound in plastic covers for ease of use.  Our Gundog Training Broadsheets have already been used by thousands of dog trainers in dozens of countries who recognise the great advantages of high standards of gun dog training.

The new companion volume of Gundog Training FAQs provide answers to the 24 most frequently asked questions about gundog training and care asked on the Gundog Training Forum.


All of the lessons from the Broadsheets are now published in the form of

Gundog Training Made Easy

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Gundog Training Made Easy


A well-trained dog is of immeasurable assistance to the shooting man or woman. The financial investment in a gundog is considerable when one considers that there is not only the outlay  for a puppy from proven working stock; the dog will cost a lot of money to maintain during a normal canine lifetime. For this reason, if for no other, the owner should begin with a firm commitment to maximise the return on his investment by training his dog to an acceptable standard for service in the shooting field.