Stirling & District Camera Club

Beginners Course - Additional Tutorials

This series of tutorials is being produced to complement the Beginners Photography Course being run by the club. It will take some of the camera skills and photo-processing topics a little farther than a basic "beginners level". Tutorials will be added as the course progresses.

Most of the processing techniques used will be found in both Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw and, perhaps to a more limited extent, in other processing packages. Occasionally specialist software may be used.

I will not deal with "creative" techniques such as composite images or with advanced Photoshop CS/CC processing as there are other club members who are far more experienced than I am at that level.

Eric Begbie

Tutorial Title Course Module
Exposing for Highlights and Shooting in Raw Modules 1/2
Dynamic Range and HDR Processing Modules 2/3
Rules of Composition Module 4

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