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Gundogs in Britain


A well-trained dog is of immeasurable assistance to the shooting man or woman. The financial investment in a gundog is considerable when one considers that there is not only the outlay  for a puppy from proven working stock; the dog will cost a lot of money to maintain during a normal canine lifetime. For this reason, if for no other, the owner should begin with a firm commitment to maximise the return on his investment by training his dog to a high standard.


By concentrating the most important lessons in a series of easy-to-follow Gundog Training Broadsheets, we have been able to provide this powerful aid to gundog training for not much more than the price of a good staghorn whistle! The amateur handler who follows the step-by-step instructions carefully and patiently should be able to train his gundog puppy to a high level of competence within one year.


The instructions contained within those Broadsheets are simpler, easier-to-follow and based more scientifically upon accepted psychological principles than the great majority of gundog training books and videos. 


Over 10,000 gundog enthusiasts from Britain, USA, Canada, virtually every European country and as far away as Australia and New Zealand have now trained their dogs using this method. Click on the "Gundog Training" logo in the right-hand column for full details of this amazing product.


More information about gundog breeds can be found on the Gundogs Galore website which has a wealth of knowledge for owners of Labradors, Spaniels, Pointers, Setters and the Hunt-Point-Retrieve (HPR) breeds.


And to have all your gundog training questions answered and discuss gundogs with other enthusiasts, visit the Gundog Discussion Forum.




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