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In Britain country sports are under constant attack - partly by genuinely misguided people who tend to see the world of nature through rose-tinted spectacles and partly by ignorant bigots who try to poison the minds of impressionable young people (and some older folk who should know better!).


The only way to counter this menace is to support the national organisations that promote and protect the sports of fishing and shooting. No-one deserves the privilege of carrying a rod or gun in Britain unless they also carry the card of at least one of those organisations. Find out more by visiting their websites.


The Salmon and Trout Association is the country's main organisation for game anglers and they support a great deal of research. In Scotland, anglers should also belong to SANA.

Internationally, it is also worth supporting the Atlantic Salmon Federation - after all, salmon know no national boundaries.

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation is, without doubt, the first organisation that any sporting Shot should join. Put bluntly, no-one in Britain deserves to carry a shotgun in the field unless they also carry a BASC membership card in their pocket.

British Association for Shooting and Conservation

The Countryside Alliance grew out of the old British Field Sports Society. Despite their "telly-tubby" logo, they do much sterling work fighting for the countryside.

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