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Shooting in Britain


Shooting (or Hunting as our American friends term it) in Great Britain falls into four main categories:


  • Driven Game Shooting

  • Roughshooting

  • Wildfowling

  • Deer Stalking


Driven Game Shooting  is normally undertaken by teams of between 8 and 10 Guns who stand at numbered pegs or in numbered butts. The game - usually pheasant, partridge or grouse - is driven towards the Guns by a squad of beaters who, under the direction of a gamekeeper, have the task of ensuring that the birds fly as high and as fast as possible. Many driven shoots take place on estates that have, for many generations, been laid out so that the game birds can be presented in the most sporting fashion to really test the shooting skills of the Guns.


Roughshooting  is often practised by a single Gun or a small group of friends "walking-up" game birds and mammals in fields, small woods and hedgerows. They will normally shoot over trained dogs and the "bag" although modest in overall size, may contain a large variety of species such as pheasant, partridge, woodcock, snipe, ducks, woodpigeon, rabbits and hares.


Wildfowling  is the sport of shooting wild ducks and geese on the foreshores, marshes and estuaries below high tide mark. The term is sometimes erroneously used to include decoying ducks and geese inland or flighting them from inland waters. For more information, visit the Wildfowling Page.


Deer Stalking  is practised with a rifle and may take place on mountains, where the principal quarry will be red deer, or in woodland, where the most common species is roe deer. Other species that may be hunted include sika and fallow deer.


Visitors, whether from within the UK or from overseas, will find the best sport by contracting with a reputable sporting agent or guide. Here are some of the best:



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