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Wildfowling, shooting and conservation

Author's Biography and Notes

Eric Begbie was born and educated in Edinburgh and spent his formative years on the foreshores of East Lothian. His interest in wildfowling stemmed from a boyhood passion for bird-watching and he is one of Britain's prime advocates of the essential link between sporting shooting and wildlife conservation.

Since retiring from a professional career in local government, he now has much more time for his countryside interests - particularly wildfowling, game shooting, fishing and conservation activities.

He has travelled extensively and hunted and fished in the USA, Canada, Alaska and Scandinavia. Eric Begbie has held office in  local fowling clubs the for over 30 years and has sat on a number of committees of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation. He urges all wildfowlers to become members of this national organisation.

His books include:
"Modern Wildfowling", 1980 and 1990
"The Sportsman's Companion", 1981
"Fowler in the Wild", 1987
"The New Wildfowler" (Ed.) 1989

He has written several thousand magazine articles for the British sporting press and, for a number of years, contributed the "Nature Man" column to the "Sunday Post" - a newspaper which reputedly reaches a higher proportion of its potential readership than any other paper in the world except "Pravda"!