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Fowler in the Wild is a book published in 1987 in the U.K. by Eric Begbie, one of Britain's leading exponents of traditional waterfowl hunting linked to practical wildfowl conservation. The book is now out of print and the author has published it on the Internet so that a new generation of wildfowlers can enjoy the tales and learn from the instructional chapters. The author is happy to consider commissions to write new material for publication in the U.K. or overseas on the subjects of wildfowling, game shooting, wildlife conservation, gundogs and general countryside topics.

You can now buy a copy of "Fowling in the Wild" which contains the first five chapters plus some additional new material right here:

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Part 1 - The Fowler's World
Now published as Fowling in the Wild (see above)

Part 2 - So You Want to go Fowling .......
Chapter 6 - Wildfowling Today
Chapter 7 - The Quarry
Chapter 8 - Guns and Cartridges
Chapter 9 - Be Prepared
Chapter 10 - The Wildfowler's Dog
Chapter 11 - Tomorrow's World
Author's Biography and Notes