Spaniel Training

Training English Springer Spaniels and cocker spaniels

The various breeds of spaniels are undoubtedly amongst the world's favourite gundog. In particular the English springer spaniel and the cocker spaniel are particularly [popular as working dogs on account of their willingness to flush game in the densest of cover.

Whether you wish to use your spaniel as a hunting dog or whether you simply want a very well trained dog as a family pet, following a simple course of gundog training will produce a dog that is obedient, responsive, happy and a superb companion.

The following gundog training resources will enable you to train your own spaniel, or any other gundog or bird dog, to perfection. Simply click on the links to go to each site:

Gundog Training Broadsheets
These Broadsheets are, by far, the best way to train your working spaniel. This easy-to-follow training course has been used by thousands of gundog trainers in five continents. If you have a spaniel or any other gun dog, this must be your first port of call.

Gundog Training Books
The widest selection of gundog books are to be found in the Country Sports Bookshop. There are separate stores for Britain and America and you can order with confidence from the huge stocklists of Amazon.

Whether you want to make your spaniel into a field trial champion or simply use the dog as a hunting or shooting working dog or a family pet, make a promise now to train it to the best of your ability.

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